Technology Description

Factory assembly of parts. Inaccuracy up to 1mm

Installation time from 2 days

The house is built with all utilities

Ready to move in. Does not require finishing

Possibility of adding additional modules

We have started production of quick-build modular houses using a unique technology. The assembly of one house takes around two-five days, after this, it is ready to move in. The house set arrives at the construction site with windows, internal engineering systems, and ready finishing.

This new technology combines the warmth of the frame house and the aesthetics of the glued beam(learn more about glulam beam construction). The walls arrive at the construction site already assembled. It does not mean, however, that this is just another weak carcass construction. It is strong and durable.

On average, it takes around four months to build a classic glued laminated beam house, hence it is logical that the construction period needs to be shorter. And this is how the idea of a modular lego-house was born! It can be assembled in two-five days on the finished foundation.

Due to the fact that all the dimensions are made with inch precision, it makes it very easy to put wall panels up. The weight of the whole building is about 26 500 pounds which give minimal pressure on the foundation.
The house set will be delivered after all the engineering work is done and the foundation is set.

A special glued laminated beam of a new type was invented for walls of modular houses — inside the log, there is a hollow that is filled with insulation. The beam is not hollowed along the entire length itself – there is a solid wood in the places of joints. There is an ecological heat insulation in the hollow. The walls in this house are very warm, the wall thickness is 9.44 inches, so it is warm in winter and cool in summer.

Eco-friendly wooden windows are installed in all modular houses at the factory. Thanks to modern technologies of wood processing, wooden windows have become no less practical than plastic windows. They have excellent thermal and sound insulation, are durable and look great, do not require complex maintenance and periodic painting. We use German designs for production of triple glazing windows comprise 3 glass panels with 2 chambers between the panels, encased in a sealed frame and  high-quality Roto accessories for windows production.

Each wall panel comes with installed electrical wiring inside and an electrician will only need to connect it.

What makes our technology special is the connection of wall panels in a special way using a vertical beam of glued oak.

Flat roof also consists of prefabricated panels. The thickness of the heat insulation in the roof is adjusted to advanced standards and it is 15.75 inches.

The electrical wiring for the light fixtures is already preinstalled in the panels. In the presented house the ceiling could be decorated with clapboards. The stitches on the ceiling will be covered up with decorative ceiling beams.

The building of this house requires a crew of four to six men. Ideally, no more than one month will pass from the moment of the beginning of the construction till the occupancy.
Modularity involves the possibility of building a house gradually stage by stage and module by module. The house is divided into three modules. If necessary, you can buy only the central part and live like in a studio. When you have more money you can buy a side module with two bedrooms. If space is not enough you can buy one more side module. They are easily attached and matched due to a special fastening design. You will only need to make the foundations for the new modules.

The house has impressive engineering systems. Automation system («Smart Home») is available in the expanded configuration. It allows:

  • climate control,
  • lighting control,
  • video surveillance.

Also protection against leaks, emergency monitoring system, visibility sensors and etc. are available.

Сomparison with other technologies

Type of house Assembling time Weight of the house of 1615 sq. ft. area

Thermal resistance ( standard units used in Eastern Europe)

Frame house 1 month 7 tons 4
Glulam beam 4 months 15 tons 3
Modular house from modified glulam beam 3-6 days 13 tons 6,8

Product delivery time

Manufacturing prefabricated structures in the factory Loading and export customs clearance  Shipping Eastern Europe-USA Customs clearance in the USA Assembling of the wall structure Assembling the roof Electrical installation and plumbing works, floor installation etc. Total
30 days 1 day 35-40 days 1-2 days 2-4 days 1-2 days 10-15 days 80 — 94 days

Get your home by fall 2018!
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