2,120 ft² 197

STARTING AT $300,000 (for the USA customers)

Glulam House

Fyrtornhouse is not a modular house and sent to the site as a ready-to-assemble kit. It is designed with a large studio room with kitchen and dining section, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, large French-style windows. The house has terraces and balconies of 323 ft² (30 m²). Wall material is comprised of glue-laminated beams made from Northern-European Pine, 9.45 inches (240 mm) thick. The center of the laminated beams is filled with high-quality insulation achieving 23 R-value. Dimensions of the house: 29.5 x 45.9 ft (9 x 14 m).

Lower Energy Costs

Up to 50% lower monthly operating costs, lower maintenance, and lower cost of ownership.

Green Home

All Wooden homes are really green homes. They are built to exceed the strictest green home regulations and energy efficiency ratings of any country. Green rated homes result in higher resale value versus comparable homes, making them your best investment

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Seeing is believing

The Fyrtornhouse is offering large studio space with the kitchen while also providing up to 3 private bedrooms for your family to live in and grow into. The house has a large windowed area, nevertheless, it will be comfortable in winter because of the warm windows technology. Scroll through the photos below.



  • Wall width is 6.3 or 9.45 inches (160 or 240 mm). Walls consist of the glued laminated beams (North-European Pine) insulated inside. The applied paints are produced by «Remmers» (Germany). The paint has an environmentally friendly formula.
  • Walls are assembled in panels with padded electrical cables in the metal hose with PVC insulation at the factory.
  • Entrance and interior doors are made from solid pine wood, painted in the color of windows, primer and lacquer produced by Remmers (Germany), accessories produced by Roto (Germany).
  • Windows 88 Din are made from glued pine frames, accessories by Roto (Germany), primer and lacquer produced by Remmers (Germany), double glazing windows.
  • Lower rims of the house are made from lurch to ensures the strength of the whole structure and gives an aesthetic highlight to the appearance of the house.
  • Architraves, window sills, sloping boards, casing, painted in the color of the windows. Primers and lacquer produced by Remmers (Germany).
  • LED Lighting


  • BEDS 3
  • BATHS 2
  • LIVING AREA  2,120 ft² 197 m²
  • TERRACES & BALCONIES AREA 323 ft² (30 m²)
  • BUILDING AREA  29.5 x 45.9 ft (9 x 14 m).


  • A wide choice of color and textured solutions for walls, windows, doors, ceiling, roof, flooring
  • Installation of smart home system and equipment for the use of renewable energy sources
  • Adaptation of window systems to customer requirements (3 glass panels or 4 glass panels)
  • The possibility of applying different foundation technologies
  • Ability to adapt the electrical system of the house to the needs of the client (option of making changes to the design of the arrangement of switches, sockets, light)
  • Сonstruction of a ground/basement floor

GET 2,120 ft² 197 m² HOUSE

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for 300 000,00

(for the USA customers)